• De-Icer, Meltco, Premium, 22.7kg, 49 Bags (Full Pallet Only)

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De-Icer, Meltco, Premium, 22.7kg, 49 Bags (Full Pallet Only)

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This 100% natural eco-friendly formulation makes this ice melt a very safe and effective de-icer. Very friendly option for snow and ice melting around children, pets, softscapes, hardscapes, roofs and vegetation. It consists of naturally occurring complex trace minerals and micro nutrients in addition to the chloride family and MCi3. The MCi3 solution is formulated with CMA and organic elements extracted from sea water. Designed for faster melting and easier spreading at colder temperatures than typical ice melting products. The green biodegradable colorant added to the product minimizes the usage and increases its effectiveness. Effective down to -25c

Type: Ice Salt & Melters
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